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Fareed Zakaria to the US: Take the Godfather’s Advice.

Fareed: In responding to Iran, US should take ‘The Godfather’s’ advice

Fareed Zakaria is a journalist and author who hosts a weekly show on CNN called Fareed Zakaria GPS. He often comments on US foreign policy and global affairs, especially in the Middle East. Here is a brief summary of his take on the current US middle east war, based on some of his recent articles and podcasts.

Zakaria believes that the US should take a lesson from ‘The Godfather’ and de-escalate politically in the Middle East, rather than escalating militarily. He argues that the US has been too involved in the region’s conflicts, often making things worse and creating more enemies. He suggests that the US should adopt a more restrained and pragmatic approach, focusing on its core interests and avoiding unnecessary interventions.

Zakaria also thinks that the US should support a diplomatic solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which he considers to be the root cause of many of the region’s problems. He traces the history of the peace process and the missed opportunities for both sides to reach a compromise. He interviews experts and former officials who offer their insights and perspectives on the prospects of a lasting peace.

Zakaria acknowledges that the Middle East is a complex and volatile region, with many actors and interests involved. He warns that the US should not underestimate the challenges and risks of engaging in a war that could have unforeseen consequences. He urges the US to learn from its past mistakes and to pursue a more balanced and realistic strategy in the Middle East.

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