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Who is Keyu Jin and what is she saying about US-China Relationships?

Keyu Jin is a Chinese economist and an associate professor of economics at the London School of Economics. She is also a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and a board member of Credit Suisse and Richemont Group. She specializes in international macroeconomics and the Chinese economy. Keyu has written a book and several articles about the Chinese economy and its relation to the world. She claims that many people in the West have misunderstandings and misconceptions about China’s economic growth and model, and that these misunderstandings are making it harder to manage China’s rise and avoid future conflict. Some of the main points that she makes are:

Keyu Jin argues that in order to understand China’s economy better, one needs to go beyond the stereotypes and biases that often cloud the perception of China in the West. She suggests that one should adopt a more nuanced and empathetic approach that takes into account China’s history, culture, and aspirations, as well as the complexities and contradictions of its reality. She also calls for more dialogue and engagement between China and the West, based on mutual respect and trust, to foster a more constructive and cooperative relationship.

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