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My Christmas Poem – Joel Wong, 2023

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Peace on earth, goodwill towards men
Our world is torn with strife and fear,
Constant anger fills the atmosphere.
When violence seems to rule the day,
And hope is slowly fading away.

Heed the wise words of Sun Tzu,
Winning wars without a brawl*.
Better yet, choose the path of diplomacy,
And build towards our shared destiny.

Peace is not just the end of war,
But the start of entente and harmony.
Win-win solutions can truly happen,
It begins with listening and understanding,

Remember the true spirit of Christmas,
Peace on earth, good will towards men.
Let us share the message of unity,
And work towards mankind’s common destiny.

Wishing Everyone Good Tidings and A Happy Holiday!

*Sun Tzu: “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

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