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US and China Working Together!

Imagine how our world could prosper
If only the US and China would work together,
Instead of bickering and starting wars
Building bridges, prosperity for us all!

America believes and values individualism,
Everyone lives with maximum freedom.
Regardless of their plebeian background,
Equal opportunities to achieve the American Dream.

China treasures millennia of cultural lineage,
Respect for family, hierarchy and heritage.
Emphasis on education, hard work and harmony,
Willingness to trade despite "conflicting" ideologies.

Each system has their own merits
When nothing is taken to its extreme limits.
If both side are willing to learn from each other,
Their own system will only get better.

Imagine how our world could prosper,
When the US and China would finally work together,
Promoting prosperity and good will,
Building bridges to make our world better still!

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