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The China Fear Factor by Michael Wong published by the Pivot to Peace Organization.

Michael Wong is the Vice President of Veterans For Peace, Chapter 69, San Francisco, and a retired social worker with a Master of Social Work degree. He is published in the anthologies, “Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace,” edited by Maxine Hong Kingston, and “Waging Peace in Vietnam,” edited by Ron Craver, David Cortright, and Barbara Doherty. He also appeared in the documentary “Sir! No Sir!” about the GI resistance to the Vietnam War.

In this article entitled “The China Fear Factor“, Michael discusses the following five subjects:

  • America vs. China: “A Clash of Civilizations”: During his tenure, President Obama launched his “Pivot to Asia,” moving 60% of US naval power to bases surrounding China, developing the Trans Pacific Partnership treaty specifically to economically isolate China, making Air-Sea Battle the official US doctrine explicitly to contain China militarily, and announcing boldly that his aim was to contain China’s economic rise. 
  • The Fear Factor: What is the root cause driving the current “clash of civilizations?”  The answer is as simple as Hillary Clinton’s original statement: “I don’t want my grandchildren to live in a world dominated by the Chinese.”  
  • Understanding China: China is a 5,000 year old civilization, one that has survived as the ancient empires of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, colonial era Europeans, and others all came and went.  How did China survive for five thousand years, while so many other powers did not?  
  • Understanding Ourselves: Consciously or not, the United States has fallen into the vacuum left by the declining former colonial powers, and is now overextended.  Furthermore, the US has fallen into the millennia old trap of believing that the only way to maintain security and prosperity is to maintain or even extend a now unsustainable status quo.  But to continue doing this is to inevitably meet the same fate as all other historic empires that attempted to do so — decline and failure.  
  • Understanding the Total Reality: China understands the limits of power, and that it has to work cooperatively with other nations — especially other powerful nations — cooperatively in order to maintain its own peace, security, and prosperity.  That’s what China has always done in the ancient past, and what it will  do today.

The above is just excerps of Michael’s article. For a detailed discussion of this subject, please read the entire “The China Fear Factor” article!

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