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“WAR OR NO WAR” in the Taiwan Straits – a comprehensive and excellent discussion presented by Dr. Joanna Lei about the current Taiwan situation.

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It was somewhat unfortunate that this session happened on September 28, 2022 at 5:00 am (pacific time) and many of you may have missed it because it was rather early for a serious subject matter. However, you can now watch this excellent forum by clicking on this link: “War or No War”.

Nancy Pelosi’s controversial visit to Taiwan raised tensions in the Taiwan Strait. Pelosi is not just another visitor; she is the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the third in line of the presidency. China’s vehement reactions are expected, yet the Biden administration and Congress insist that Pelosi’s visit and other official congressional visits do not violate the “one China” policy, under which the United States only maintains “unofficial” relations with Taiwan.

Since both powers are adamant about their positions on Taiwan, a conflict in the Taiwan Strait seems inevitable. Will there be a war between China and the United States over Taiwan soon? What can all parties do to lower the tensions?

In this forum Dr. Joanna Lei presented relevent, important and comprehensive information about the aftermath of Nancy Pelosi visit to Taiwan and the repucussions from her cavalier disregard of diplomatic protocol. China had drawn a firm redline regard the sovereignty of Taiwan and Pelosi blew right through it. There is every inkling that the US is using the Taiwan card to provoke China to over-react and incur the condemnation of the international community.

To War or Not To War“, that is the quesiton.

If you are concerned about the downward spiral of US-China relationship, this is a good place to learn about the facts and the issues!

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